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Please go through frequently asked questions and answers, if you still have questions, let us know.

What kind of request are not accepted?

1.Requests not sent from a verified email address: The buyer’s email address should be verified before posting a buying request.


  1. Lack of key information: Necessary information: product name included in the subject, and other product details in the body part, such as size, color, type, place of origin, variety, and any other specifications. The more, the better.

P.S.: there might be some special specifications in certain industries.


  1. Banned or restricted products (including trademarked/branded goods): It is highly suggested to contact the owner or authorized distributor of any trademarked/branded product to buy it.


  1. Duplicate Buying Request regarding the same product

What will be the payment procedure?

Our supplier charges for the sample they manufacture on special request, in some cases we send free samples also. Once you approve the sample, you will be asked to pay 50% upfront and rest at the time of delivery. However in some cases, we accept post dated cheque also.

What is Request for Quotation?

Request for Quotation helps you find the right suppliers to fulfill your business purchasing needs and helps you save money, hassle and time.


It suits you best when you are looking for manufacturers to manufacture customized products on special request or to buy products in bulk quantity

Who can use Request for Quotation?

Only a registered business can request for quotations.

How do I know if the quotations from suppliers are reliable?

Please note that all quotations come from accredited suppliers, which means they are verified businesses. Our assigned purchasing agents are there to help you in each step of buying process